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Established in 2019, TSG has been working with youth groups

and players to ensure that Esports continues to grow.

Who is this Travis you speak of?

Travis Fillipe’ McSquidy is TSG’s mascot, he was created by some of our very talented players with a very colourful history. 

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As an Esports Organization we host multiple titles and teams.

News at TSG

TSG Teams owning October

We’re very excited to have our Atomic Esports Rocket League team competing at this year’s VS Gaming Championship hosted at the VS Gaming High Performance Esport Centre . Championships take place from 25 – 27 October. The guys are excited to participate and we’re happy to have AlbyTheDragon join Wee_Casper and AlphaMale from our Atomic […]

Travel Post #1

Today I’m am testing out this new blog idea. I’ve taken a leave of absence from the Navy. Hopefully this will make the decision to retire easier. I want to travel, game, and not die. That’s it. I am heading to Bali. I’ll send pictures. TFMcS

Raving Mad Gamerz Spring League 2019

The first matches of the Raving Mad Gamerz Apex Spring League starts this week. First we’re up against South African Gaming Elite’s Hades team.  Our TSG-Apex team will have matches weekly for the next 9 weeks. We’ll have streams running on Twitch during these matches, so please feel free to drop in. Upcoming Matches for […]

Vodacom World Football Tournamnet

Here is some photos of our team At the Vodcaom world eFootsbal Tournament 1st Qualifier Day 1 Game 1 Ferrel VS Shimpiwe 4-0 Game 2 Ferrel VS Ahmed Garder 3-0 Day 2 Game 1 Ferrel VS TBD Forfeit Game 2 Leg 1 Ferrel VS Voroshen Naidoo 0-2 Game 2 Leg 2 Ferrel VS Voroshen Naidoo […]

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