Capt. Travis Fillipe' McSquidy

Captain Travis Fillipe’ McSquidy is a Mexican national recruited by the Scottish AMC (aqua-marine corps)

He is fluent in Dolphin, Mollusk, Crustacean, and Mer-person.


Travis was deep undercover to exploit the Octogang, hence his change in appearance, he was born a squid.

He had his inks tubes tied as he can’t afford to bring Squidy Juniors to this heinous world of espionage.


He is a professional gamer and has joined TSG and their multitude of teams, in a mission to make South African esports, bigger, better, legendary. 
He started as an Apex Legend, but his abilities would’ve made him OP as he is in the real world.

He wants to retire, and thus has come to the gaming world to do that. These days he goes by El_Capitano. 



As Filippè McSquidy IV once said at the Great Coral war of ’62

They may take our freedom, but they’ll never take our Mozambique.

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