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TSG Teams owning October

TSG Teams owning October

We’re very excited to have our Atomic Esports Rocket League team competing at this year’s VS Gaming Championship hosted at the VS Gaming High Performance Esport Centre . Championships take place from 25 – 27 October.

The guys are excited to participate and we’re happy to have AlbyTheDragon join Wee_Casper and AlphaMale from our Atomic team.

We’d like to thank Grimworx for their help in getting our team there.

Our Apex Team will be participating in the Raving Mad Gamerz Spring League for the first time this October. They’ll be competing along with 16 other teams over 5 weeks.

The guys have been hustling hard. We believe they will knock the competition out of the park with that dedication.

Our team consists of TSG_Fenrir (Team Captain), TSG_Pepper and a50gaming.

Best of luck boys!

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